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Two services categories for qualifying non-PDM managed partners. Accelerate to GTM ready. Practice building acceleration for up to 9 months. Onboard to Co-Sell Ready. Guide through the requirements, tools, and process to become co-sell ready. Services provided. Activate benefits and understand licensing models. Provide guidance and assistance to achieve Silver/Gold competency. Facilitate marketplace engagement and entry. Support building marketing capabilities and direction to best available training and resources (incl warm handoff to GTM resource team) Customized technical learning plans, pre-sales consultations, and deployment assistance through our Partner Technical Consultant team. Note: must have purchased Action Pack Subscription or competency for this benefit. Optimization of Referral Engine profile + regular check ins on lead sharing status. Services provided. Set up SW-only profile in OCP CRM. Help build and validate Co-Sell BOM. Attach co-sell solution to OCP CRM profile. Set up solution in OCP Catalogue. Assist in validating IP co-sell solution requirements. Process exception requests. Onboard and walk through co-selling process within tools. Which partners qualify Partners must have an MPN ID and be non-PDM managed. Must have purchased a paid offering (Action Pack Subscription or competency) to engage with Partner Technical Consultants or GTM Resource Desk. Which partners qualify Partners must meet the Co-Sell Ready requirements.

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